Friday 14 May 2010

Latinos at Tate Modern 10 Year Celebrations

Tate Modern is celebrating 10 years this weekend. They have a Free Festival with lots of activities Like 'No Soul For Sale" A Festival of Independents arts Spaces from all over the world .

There are three Latin American Art Collectives participating, including Casa Tres Patios from Medellin Colombia, a non-profit, independent artist run organization based in MedellĂ­n, Colombia. Their mission is to promote contemporary art and to serve as a meeting place or intersection for artists of various disciplines and cultures. Through a continuing program of activities coordinated by local, national and international artists and arts organizations, they aim to promote exhibitions, artist residencies, competitions, conferences, lectures and workshops that focus on artistic and intellectual and cultural exchange and development.

Lugar a Dudas, an independent
nonprofit space, is located in Cali, first city of the department of Valle del Cauca. The city has a population close to 2.400.000 inhabitants and it is located in the southwestern zone of the country. Its purpose is to promote and disseminate the contemporary artistic practices. As its name suggests, Lugar a dudas (Room for doubts) is a laboratory for research, confrontation, reflection and critic. Its programs, events, exhibitions and workshops, aim to make visible problems and discrepancies of the context we live in; to stimulate discussion and to propitiate experiences that accompany transformations of the cultural sectors of Cali and the region.

Capacete Entertainment. Research residency program for artists, curators and critics in the visul field.

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